Meeting Report 3315

The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge had a Planning Session as its first get together yesterday after the Changeover. New President Lesley Murray outlined some goals and projects for the next twelve months and the five Rotary Committee groups ( Our 5 Avenues of Service) Community, Club Service, International, Vocational, and Youth RALY discussed plans and projects after dinner in working groups. Our focus will be on WHY when assessing which projects to undertake as well as resultant outcomes. Goals will include, Diversity, Opportunities developed for learning, Membership, Information Sharing and PR, and Encouraging Special Events. We looked at projects which will be continuing and those that will be new in our assessments. A Cambodia Aid Project is to be undertaken in November with a group going to Cambodia on several assignments. The Purple House project in the APY Lands will be getting our support and link with dialysis locally as well. Save water Save Lives is also of particular interest.