A message from Miriam - the Veloo Foundation

Dear Jack,
First of all, I would like to say that we are overwhelmed by your generosity and effort you have put in loading the container with the much needed donation items that will be used at our kindergarten, library, summer camp, sewing center and community outreach. As we have unloaded and organized all donation items, we have specific use for every bit of the items which I will share in detail in this email.
We have just unloaded the container this Saturday with the support from the Rotarians and Veloo Foundation Volunteers. On Saturday, the goal was to unload, sort and organize the donations where the following works were done;
PLAYGROUNDS: We were able to count and check 2 playgrounds on Saturday where all pieces were checked according to the checklists you provided for each playground. 1 playground 2 pieces were not found in the codes, but we will check again to see if the pieces were coded overlapping with other pieces. 2 playground pieces will be checked this week.
The donation of playgrounds and items will be allocated and impact 4 different programs and locations;
1. Veloo Foundation, Children of the Peak project in Songinokhairkhan district - Kindergarten and Library children - over 700 children will directly be impacted. (East side of the Garbage Dump) - Playground I - Michal Reserve + Playground M - Edinburgh Reserve.
2. Veloo Foundation, Children of the Peak, 2nd kindergarten where over 300 children will be directly impacted on the west side of the Garbage Dump - Playground B - Long Island Reserve
3. Veloo Foundation Soaring Crane Summer Camp in Erdene soum where nearly 500 children are impacted every year (Playground Y - Croydon Ave reserve + Playground F - Cnr Burnbank Way & Wellow Cres)
4. One of Veloo Foundation's target areas in the countryside in relation to the fundraising horse treks being organized in the location - Erdenekhairkhan soum, Zavkhan province (kindergarten with over 300 children) - Taylor Street Reserve-Playground H

BLANKETS AND PILLOWS: The blankets and pillows were a timely donation as we are starting a community outreach program of providing household packages for flood affected families.
This summer, Mongolia had unusually heavy rain and many vulnerable households in Bayanzurkh district were affected by floods and lost their homes. So some of the blankets and pillows you have sent will be used in helping the families affected by flood and some will be distributed to vulnerable households as part of our community outreach program.
LOCKERS: The lockers fit perfectly for our kindergarten and were immediately put to use at the kindergarten. Especially this year, due to need in the community, we opened a new classroom utilizing a small building that previously served as library at our project site where the locker needs were urgent.

CARPETS: The carpets are put to use at the kindergarten immediately.
Sports equipment and balls will be used for our projects at the library and also the summer camp.
Stationary, lesson boards and toys: Our kindergarten teachers and we are all super thankful for the stationary, lesson boards and toys as we were in need of them. The amount of stationary you sent is sufficient for 1-2 school years (we will be very efficient in using them) for all our education programs, kindergarten, library and summer camp.
ART AND CRAFT ITEMS: It is allocated for our sewing center and for the library program which will support women's employment and women's support groups program at our community library.
POLO SHIRTS: Will be used for our summer camp and library based programs.
BOOKS: The books will be used at the kindergarten and our community library. As some of the books are bigger in quantity, we will also send them to the countryside (Zavkhan province, Erdenekhairkhan soum) kindergarten where 1 playground will be sent along with some of the carpets and toys.
What were the highlights and the lowlights?

Overwhelmed and touched by the generosity of you all Rotarians. The container was loaded and organized very well which made the unpacking easy and organized. Rotary club and Interact club members in Mongolia along with Veloo Foundation staff and volunteers had a wonderful day of hands-on community work.
Did you unpack it in a big shed or outside?
We unpacked the container outside (we had very nice weather) and organized and allocated the items as noted above. The stationary and items to be used throughout the school years are stored in our project storage. The playgrounds are currently put back in the container as starting from this week they will be installed and transported to the allocated locations. (This transportation cost will be covered from Veloo Foundation and the country side one will be covered from the governor's office of Zavkhan province, Erdenekhairkhan soum)
Anything broken?
Nothing broken. All in perfect shape.
Did you find a heap for each bit of playground equipment?
Based on the document you shared, it was very easy to understand. However, when we install the playgrounds, if we have questions or need clarification, we will contact the people that are referred to at each document.
Have you got bits left over you do not know where they go?
No item that we don't know where they go.
And of course what are you going to do with the container now that it is empty?
We plan to use the container as a storage for the next 2 years as part of our new kindergarten construction process.
Veloo Foundation is in the process of raising funds for a new kindergarten building as our current building is not purpose built where we were required to renovate or rebuild due to government standards and also, the kindergarten need in our community is still high as this year alone nearly 800 children left without kindergarten. So, many of our donations are committed from our donors in the form of construction material. The container will be used as storage of the construction items until the construction is completed where we estimate about a 2 years process. After the construction is completed, we will utilize the container at one of our projects for project purposes. I have attached the 3D photos and information of our new kindergarten building plan. Also our long term vision is to make one side of the building into a small 2-3 class English language primary school.
With that note, I am happy to let you know that many of the donations will continue to be used in the new kindergarten building. As you can see in the 3D photos and information attached in this email, our new kindergarten building will have a big yard in the middle where the playground will continue to be used. Further, our current kindergarten building being a modular building, will be moved to a nearby location and renovated to serve as kindergarten.
Lastly, please see the link for the photos from Saturday below. We will be posting about the container and our joint project on our Social Media tagging the rotary clubs of Australia and Mongolia. More photos will be coming your way as we organize the ribbon cutting ceremony and once the playgrounds reach each location and set up.
We are also creating a video content showing the whole process which we will share as soon
as we have it ready.
Here is the link to the photos: https://we.tl/t-pfVoYQFeog
11th September 2023