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The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge meets at the Murray Bridge Golf Club
41 Ritter St, Murray Bridge on Tuesday evenings
With fellowship from 6.00pm and meeting starting at 6.15pm.
All guests and apologies must be confirmed with the Golf Club
by 1.00pm on the same day. 
Please call the Golf Club on 08 85311388

The Four-Way Test

 1.  Is it the TRUTH?
 2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
 4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Upcoming Meetings
Aug 13, 2019 6:00 PM
Timor Leste Water Sanitation


Chairperson: David Altmann

Fellowship & Invocation: Jan Colwell

Reserve: Sam Cozens

Aug 20, 2019 6:00 PM
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Meeting Report 

Murray Bridge Rotarian Jack Reddin was thanked by Rotarian Roxanne Rowland for his presentation to Murray Bridge High School Students World of Animal Studies. Michael Bagshaw was also acknowledged for his leadership role in Operation Flinders by Jenny Phillips. President Elect Simon Sickerdick acted as Chairman and President Lesley Murray opened the Club Assembly discussion with aspects of our overall planning for 2019-20 simplified into our main goals for the year.
1 Connect with Youth and the Lonely
2 Increasing our Impact,
3 Engaging Members and the Community,
4 Increasing our ability to Adapt.
Assistant Treasurer Glenn Obryan outlined our financial position and some significant new key accounting procedures. Sam Cozens acknowledged the significant input of Treasurer Brenton Nicholson to our club in his role as Treasurer. Simon Sickerdick as Club Service Director outlined the support for the Riding for the Disabled Project, membership and name badges as issues already discussed as a group. Sue Foster in her role of Community Director had 14 events in her committee's plan already. Roxanne Rowland as International Director had some exciting new international projects. Vocational Director Robin Le Gallez had nine significant projects to discuss in his committee's planning. Christine Wilersdorf as RALY Rotary Assisting Local Youth Director will also be very busy and includes some new projects in Youth Connection, membership, Alumini, and Mentoring.

Timor Leste - The Adventure Continues

Timor Leste adventures continue.
On completion of the planned water project we traveled further into the remote eastern regions to follow up on possible new projects and inspect previous water accomplishments.
This is a community well revitalised by Max and his team some years ago. Now used by hundreds of villagers who trek for their clean water, bathing, washing etc.
We ventured further up the mountains to a school in Quelicai to inspect the needs to supply further water to 1,000 students and staff. Even though they have 2,000 litres coming in from a local spring it’s hardly enough for 1,000 people. Rotary has plans to install a 20,000 litre tank storing rain water from harvested rain water from the buildings.
The students were all excited to see Rotarians who promises fresh water. Prior to Rotary tapping the spring to supply the current water each student had to bring 5 litres of water and a stick for the fire every Monday. The water was for drinking and cooking, the stick was to fuel the fires for boiling the water before drinking. The classrooms may not be in tip top shape but the students are all dressed immaculately.
We had to trek through the dense jungle to check out the spring which appears to be drying up. A real concern to the school. Hence the need to harvest water from the roof top. Difficult when the buildings have no gutters.
Confirmation the spring water I’d down nearly 40% on this time last year.
More information on Timor Leste at our next Rotary Meeting on Tuesday 13th August.

RAWCS - Rotary Australia World Community Service

What a fabulous night. Great friends of Rotary, Pippa and Dick Smith have donated another $1million to RAWCS. The money will be distributed via Rotary Clubs across the country through our Compassionate Grants fund. More information to follow.

Calendar Winners 6th August 2019

1 st prize.   $100     No 017     Heni Standley (MB)                 Sold by (Kiwanis)
2nd prize     $30     No. 657    Patsy Thomas (Panorama)    Sold by (Strathalbyn Woodshed)
3rd  prize     $20     No 175    Jesse Barnes (MB)                   Photographer


Brenton Lewis, Wayne Jackson, Michael Bagshaw, Heather Muirhead, Garry Wilson, Dave Mellen, Trevor Curtis, Rodgers Wickes, Lyn Sickerdick, Ian Elston, Brenton Nicholson, David Altmann, Sherida, Campb ell, Ron Lehmann, Steve Walker.

Rotary Wine Sales

Following our successful wine labelling event, our Club is now able to offer the exceptional Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon for the unbelievably low investment of $120 per dozen.
To purchase simply pay in advance via EFTPOS or cash at a regular meeting and then arrange collection with Rotarian Ian Elston

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