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The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge meets at the Murray Bridge Golf Club
41 Ritter St, Murray Bridge on Tuesday evenings
With fellowship from 6.00pm and meeting starting at 6.15pm.
All guests and apologies must be confirmed with the Golf Club
by 12.00pm on the same day.
Please call the Golf Club on 08 85311388 or email

The Four-Way Test

 1.  Is it the TRUTH?
 2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
 4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

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Jun 24, 2023 6:00 PM
The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge



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Jun 27, 2023 6:15 PM
Jul 04, 2023 6:15 PM
Autism & Mikayla’s Journey
Jul 11, 2023 6:15 PM
Committee Meetings
Jul 18, 2023 6:15 PM
Monarto Zoo Conservation & Projects
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Handover is this SATURDAY at the Bridgeport Hotel.
No meeting next Tuesday.
Next meeting 4th July



I would like to thank the Sickerdicks and the Scarvelis clan a big thank you for presenting a great night at Tuesdays meeting on their India trip. It was pleasing to see so many visitors which made the night even more enjoyable.
As my year as your President has come to an end and that this is my last report, I again wish to thank all members for your support not only for myself but for June as well. During the year not all has gone well but with the members assistance and well wishes from you, all has been greatly appreciated.
You the members, should congratulate yourself for the magnificent year we have had by achieving so much this year.
As I said at Assembly, I have enjoyed my year and I look forward to being able to support PE Gordon and his team in the coming Rotary year.
Thank you and see most of you at the Change Over.
Don’t forget to use the lift.

An Indian Adventure

Rotary Club of Murray Bridge Indian Cultural Exchange in February 2023 presentation to the the Members in Murray Bridge. Arrived in Calcutta and went to Rotary Club of Calcutta Central. Interesting meeting with lots of fact finding re Indian Economy and objectives. The Indian Economy is the 5th largest in the world and is projected to double in the next 7 years. Aim to provide a tap in or near every dwelling. 45 million toilets were built in India last year. 880 million people were provided with free food during covid. Met the Rotoract club who invited us the next day to their 150 year celebration of trams in Calcutta. Then on to Indore where we were so warmly met by our exchange friends from Indore United and Indore North Clubs. The wedding we were invited to was amazing!!!!! Visited Rotary Park in Palasia Indore a project of RC Indore United. Then flew to Mumbai and attended the Rotary Club of Bombay which has been operating for 100 years this year. Focus was the empowerment of women as a major topic. The Exchange was a great example of Rotary providing diverse opportunities for cultural understanding, peace and goodwill. John Scarvelis.

14th June

Draw Date
Winning No.
Sold by
  Pam Hissy
Murray Bridge
P. Seals
   Ian Pithers
Murray Bridge
J. Best
   Ray Symes
Murray Bridge
R.C. of Mobilong

Rotary Down Under Magazine.

Every Rotary Member receives a monthly Magazine either by a printed version delivered to the mailing address recorded in ClubRunner, or by email using the address in ClubRunner.
The choice of printed or digital version can be changed on request, however the version that is recorded at January 1, and July 1, determines the subscription rate.
Choice of version commences with a printed version, and any changes need to be requested by email to S. Cozens samliz@internode.on.net
Existing records of the choice made continues until you, the subscriber, requests a change.
Subscriptions rates for 2023-2024 are:
  • Printed $44.70 per member per annum.
  • Digital $39.70 per member per annum.
Subscriptions are mandatory for each member, however a shared subscription can be requested for members residing at the same address.

Anil Srivasta

Living Kidney Donor Anil Srivasta from India was an inspirational speaker at the Mobilong & Murray Bridge combined Rotary Meeting on Wednesday Night in Murray Bridge. The project is of global proportions initiated by Rotarian Anil after he donated one of his kidneys in 2014 to his brother Dr Arjun Srivatsa a neuro surgeon to save his life. His campaign started at last years Rotary Convention in Houston Texas. So far he has driven 58,000 kms through 17 countries, now in Australia, with a stopover in Perth for the World Transplant Games and then on to Melbourne for last weeks International Rotary Convention where he was a guest speaker promoting organ donation. He won two gold medals for India in Perth and his brother won a silver. There were over 12,000 attending the Melbourne convention. He was pleasantly surprised when he asked the question on who where organ donors in the Murray Bridge audience and over 95% responded. Also South Australia is one of the few places in the world which has organ donors registered on Drivers Licences. No one should die waiting for an organ is the message he promotes. Some people are born with one kidney and he is living proof of being able to survive well after becoming a donor. Three lives are affected in his case: his life, his brothers life, and their life together. As well as kidneys other organs can be donated including heart valves, corneas, kneecaps and skin. A sobering and inspirational message.
John Scarvelis

Message from the Chair

ROMAC ChairAs you can see in this newsletter, ROMAC is now well and truly back in operation after the Covid hiatus.

We are currently supporting the treatment of seven children across New Zealand and Australia and almost everything is progressing very well. Unfortunately this business is very high risk so, very occasionally, things don’t turn out as hoped.

A recent example was a 5-month-old boy born with a growth in his stomach that started grow rapidly. After accepting the child as a ROMAC patient and organising his treatment at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, delays outside our control, obtaining his passport and consequently, a visa, saw him die before he could leave his country. This sort of outcome is extremely disappointing and upsetting for the family and also, for our ROMAC volunteers who have been organising departure, hosting and treatment.

On a brighter note, it was great to see so many people visit our ROMAC Information Booth at the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne. Many thanks to Maggie Alexander for designing and producing the display and to Minh Nguyen for setting it up and organising the roster of ROMAC volunteers who serviced the Booth, whom we also thank. Many of our ROMAC supporters from across Zone 8 have visited our Booth as well as many International visitors, who wish they had a similar Rotary program in their countries.

Other interesting visitors to our Booth included past ROMAC Chair Brendan Porter and some of our partners from the Rotary Clubs in our patients' home countries who provide incredible support with all the pre-departures requirements. One such visitor was Lawrence Fatiaki, President-Elect from the Rotary Club of Honiara. Lawrence expressed his commitment to ROMAC and to supporting our long-time and outstanding ROMAC champion in RC Honiara, PDG Wayne Morris.
As our Rotary year comes to an end, one last plea for donations from any Clubs that might find they have a surplus of funds for the year. Please support us to continue to help children in such need.

Yours in Rotary

Ian D'Arcy Walsh

Paul Harris Fellow Recognition

Drakes Tags

Our Club has received another "gift card" from Dakes in the amount of $125.00 through their Community Dollars programme. Thank you to all members who have shopped at Drakes and registered their barcode. Please keep on doing this as it helps pay for groceries bought for bbqs etc. Any members who havn't a Drakes tag please see me. The tags are not just for members, you can give them to friends and family. You can use them at any Drakes store in South Australia.
Jenny Alexander-Walters

Food Business Notification Number
Rural City Of Murray Bridge

Trading Business Name: Rotary Club of Murray Bridge
Food Business Notification Number: RCMB118
This business is now notified with the Rural City of Murray Bridge. If there are any changes to the food business notification details, such as a change in address or ownership, please ensure Council is notified with the appropriate form.
While Council has a responsibility for the administration of the Food Act 2001 to ensure compliance with standards and food safety requirements, we consider our primary role is to provide support. We can provide advice and guidance on all Food Standards Code matters.

Object of Rotary

The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:

  • FIRST: The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;
  • SECOND: High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society;
  • THIRD: The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business, and community life;
  • FOURTH: The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.


Rotary Work Shirts

Darryl Webb has arranged with Grandisons to supply Bisley Rotary work shirts in various configurations.
Please visit Grandisons and select your shirt which will then be embroided with our Club logo.
Pay for the shirt and retain your receipt.
Upon presentation of the receipt to Sam Cozens, you will be reimbursed $20 as a subsidy

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