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The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge meets at the Murray Bridge Golf Club
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With fellowship from 6.00pm and meeting starting at 6.15pm.
All guests and apologies must be confirmed with the Golf Club
by 1.00pm on the same day. 
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The Four-Way Test

 1.  Is it the TRUTH?
 2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
 4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


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May 18, 2021 6:15 PM
Life after GSE
May 25, 2021 6:15 PM
Jun 01, 2021 6:15 PM
Club Assembly
Jun 08, 2021 6:15 PM
Critique the New Bridgeport Hotel
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Meeting Report

Rotary Club of Murray Bridge President Simon Sickerdick and President Elect Sue Foster reported on the recent District 9510 Conference to the members and advised them to start thinking about next years conference particular accommodation in the Barossa. Our Facebook reports provided info on the speakers as well for those who missed it. Those of us that attended came away reinvigourated. Also reported on the District Assembly for next year to firm planning for the 21/22 Rotary Year. Rotary International incoming President Sheakher Mehta from West Bengal in India presented a video promoting his theme of Serving Others Changes Lives. He issued a membership challenge Grow more to do more for each member. Empower Women and girls to change lives. People go to where they are needed and stay where they are appreciated. There were only two cases of wild polio in the world last year, an outstanding achievement to which Rotary contributed financially and resourcefully.

Dear All at Rotary Club of Murray Bridge,

Greetings from St Jude’s!

Each week at our school assemblies, teachers and other staff at The School of St Jude have an opportunity to reward students for good work and good behaviour with awards. Student, Dorcas Elia Mtui received an award for “Scoring A in science pre-national two exam.”

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy the attached photo.

Kind regards, 


Dear All at Rotary Club of Murray Bridge,


It’s wonderful to be writing to you again, to share the news from another busy month at The School of St Jude.


I met with several school board members on our different campuses last month and it made me proud to see so many people committed to our school’s sustainability. At St Jude’s, striving for sustainability ensures that our school can continue to fulfil our mission for many years to come. It means we’re always thinking of the bigger picture and preparing for the future.


In our newsletter, you’ll meet two of our board members who are working hard to ensure long term success for St Jude’s.


Read about a recent safari-style excursion, which was an opportunity for our students to take sustainable leadership lessons from the natural world. You’ll discover how social studies in primary school forms the foundation for future learning and we’ll introduce you to the St Jude’s Spirit Program, which encourages and recognises those who go above and beyond to support St Jude’s.


I think you’ll also enjoy our podcast, where I spoke candidly with two of our Community Service Year volunteers, Ester and Victor. We talk about school life, their volunteer work in a local government school and what they think about being chosen to host The St Jude’s Special,
which premiered last month.


I know you’ll find something you love to read or listen to!


Thinking of you all,




PS. If the dates of The St Jude’s Special didn’t work for your event, you can now request a private link for your very own fundraising screening here.

Australian Migrant Resource Centre

The Murraylands MRC was recently represented by Community Services Officer Bao Luo who spoke at Kickstart your Career in Regional SA about finding employment and living in Murray Bridge.
Focus Rugira has successfully graduated from the L2P program and has gone on to achieve his driver’s license. Having access to a license and car will give him and his family more independence and will assist him in finding employment in the region.
Three clients from the Murraylands MRC, Xiaozhen Zhang (Janet), Wenjing Yang and Beijing Zhu (Becky), have gained employment at the soon to be opened, Bridgeport Hotel. The women were all students in the Sister Act Program, an 8-week employment pathway program for women.


1st    $ 100       No.   660     Alistair Mc Innes       (Milang )                                 (sold by Strath Darts Club)        ch. no. 3937   
2nd    $ 30        No.   714    George Rowe           (Strath.)                                     (sold by Strath Darts Club)    
3rd     $20         No    779    Kathleen Garrett        (M.B.)                                       (sold by M.B. Rotary)  

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