Welcome to Our Club
The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge meets at the Murray Bridge Golf Club
41 Ritter St, Murray Bridge on Tuesday evenings
With fellowship from 6.00pm and meeting starting at 6.15pm.
All guests and apologies must be confirmed with the Golf Club
by 1.00pm on the same day. 
Please call the Golf Club on 08 85311388

The Four-Way Test

 1.  Is it the TRUTH?
 2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
 4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


Zoom Meetings to Replace Regular Meetings


Zoom Support Meeting

What a success was our first meeting with most members being able to connect
This coming Tuesday evening there will not be a normal meeting of our Club BUT we will be online from 7pm to meet with members who may have queries relating to Zoom or to discuss any ideas you may have in relation to Rotary service during these times.
If you are having difficulty with Zoom or would just like to catch up, please join with President Lesley.
The meeting link is 
In coming weeks we have a program ready for you.
Refer to the speakers list for more information.


The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge had its first Virtual ZOOM meeting yesterday with Murray Bridge Rotarians President Lesley Murray and Director Sue Foster presenting their trip to Cambodia in November 2019. They visited the School of Good Hope and Orphanage with Rotarians from Tailem Bend. Donations and projects to the value of nearly $8,500 have now been completed. They include 5 Water Wells, 3 Toilets, 5 water Filters, 5 bicycles, Dom Lai Sewing Supplies, LRDE food & hygiene supplies, Mothers and Babies Clinic, school supplies, personal care packages for families, computer, 2 Solar Panels sets, and Kork Chork family support. Members indicated their support for the Zoom format led by Chairman Sam Cozens.
District 9820 are delighted to be hosting a Live Webinar next Tuesday 14th April at 5.00PM AEST with the Federal Minister for Health, The Hon Greg Hunt MP. It is my pleasure to extend the invitation to Rotarians throughout Australia. I would appreciate your sharing this invitation with your members on our behalf.
Webinar Federal Minister for Health, The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Please register in advance for this webinar:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
If you would like to ask the Minister a question during the Q&A session, you please forward your questions to secretary@rotary9820.org.au prior to the close of business Monday 13th April AEST
 Webinar Speakers
Adrian Froggatt District Governor for Rotary District 9820 2019-2020.
Rotary Club of Berwick
Greg Hunt
The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Rotarian, Federal Member for Flinders, Federal Minister for Health
The Federal Minister for Health is responsible for national health and wellbeing and medical research.
The Hon Greg Hunt MP has served as Minister for Health since 2017 and has represented the Electorate of Flinders since 2001.
We would love you to join us.
Kind Regards
Adrian Froggatt
RI District 9820 Governor 2019-20
M: 0400 074 342

Environmental Project - Morphett Reserve, Jervois Road, Woods Point

Jack Reddin and Peter Phillips have been spending a lot of time volunteering in the preservation of the 64 acre Heritage listed Morphett Reserve.  This Reserve is very significant and a rare patch of native bushland in our region.  Jack and Peter are accredited volunteers with the Rural City of Murray Bridge and have been working with Council to maintain this unique reserve.  
Jack and Peter have a significant number of trees to be planted in the reserve during Autumn and are looking for some Rotarians (up to 8) who may like to volunteer a couple of hours on Wednesday 29th April at 8.30am,  to assist in the planting.  Current restrictions on social distancing are to be observed.  The holes have already been dug.  If you are available you will need to:
- wear a hat
- use sunblock (unless it's raining)
- wear gloves
- bring your own water bottle, thermos of coffee, something to snack on (for morning tea)
- bring a hand trowel and watering can.
- a kneeling cushion (if required)
Please contact Jack (0429813344) or Peter,(0432374984)if you are able to help them out with the tree planting.

The Essential Business of Bees

Everyone's story and lived experience of these challenging times is different. We are really feeling for all those whose lives have been so severely impacted by Covid19. To all our wonderful supporters we just want to wish you the very best as we move through the next few months together. 

We are very fortunate as we're surrounded by bees. Bees make the world a better place and thankfully they're still going about what they always do. Bees are also an "essential business" which means we beekeepers need to keep working. Bees underpin two-thirds of our agricultural production in Australia. They are critical to our food supply, so if you can, please continue to support Australian beekeepers and Australian honey over imported honey.

As the autumn weather commences we're busy out in the hives preparing for winter hibernation. This means we check each and every hive, take the top box off to help keep the hive warm and make sure the bees have enough stores of honey in the hive to eat for the winter. Naturally, the weather becomes too cold for the bees to keep breeding so the size of the colony dwindles over the winter.

As we all experience our own hibernation away from extended family and friends over the next weeks and months, we will keep working with our bees. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that we keep supplying you with 100% pure Australian honey. 

We hope you have a happy Easter, stay safe and our best wishes to you all. 


Figure This Out Solutions

Maynard's grandfather clock is driven by two weights, one for the striking mechanism which strikes the hours only, the other for the time mechanism.
When he hears the clock strike his bedtime, he immediately winds the clock and retires.
After winding, the weights are exactly opposite each other; the weights are again exactly opposite each other every six hours thereafter
What is Maynard's bed time?
Maynards Bedtime Solution.
The answer to this problem is very simple.
Maynard always retires just after 9pm.
In reaching this answer the first thing to notice is that the weight operating the time mechanism will always be gradually lowering at a steady rate.
If the weight driving the striking mechanism is level with the other one every six hours, this means in the first hours there must be the same number of strikes as the next six hours.
If you add up 10, 11, 12,1, 2, 3 the total is 39; if you add up 4, 5, 6, 6, 8, 9 the total is again 39. This immediately gives the answer of 9pm.
Well done to Jim Cundy who correctly identified the time as being 9pm
You prize is 14 days of isolation brought to you by Covid-19 when you can try to solve the next puzzle


Bill asked Mary how many children she has. “Three,” said Mary. "What are their ages?” asked Bill.. “Well,” said Mary, “the sum of their ages is equal to the number of the house next door, and their product is 36.”
"Is that all I need to know to work out their ages?” asked Bill.
"No," replied Mary, who knew that Bill could very readily find out the number of the house next door. "You need to know that the eldest plays the piano.”
What are the ages of the children and what is the number of the house next door? (Assume that the ages are whole numbers.)
The following combinations are three numbers which multiplied together give 36:
Add up to
It is to be observed that only two different sets of numbers add up to the same number – 13.
Thus the solution must be one of these, or otherwise Bill would not need to have been told any more information – namely, that the eldest plays the piano.
This additional information clearly excludes the 6, 6, 1 combination as there can only be one eldest child,
The answer to the brain teaser is, therefore, that the ages of the children are 9, 2, 2, and that the number of the house next door is 13.
There were no correct answers last week so the prize will jackpot!
Please contact me if you would like to see more of these in coming weeks. Email Robin at mhcool@lm.net.au


1.  Congratulations to past RANZSE (2010) student Sheridan Piltz on her engagement to Rafael Anthony.  Sheridan met Raf (who is a USA citizen) in Japan.  They returned to Australia 12 months ago and Sheridan and Raf are now living and working in Canberra.  We wish them every happiness together.
2.  Happy 21st birthday to Abigail Cliffe (RANZSE 2013).  Abigail has recently returned home from the USA after working for Disneyworld in Florida.

Calendar Winners 7th of April

1st    $100                     206       Fiona Goldsworthy  (Munno Para West)          Sold by J. Alexander- Walters
2nd    $30                     160         Jill Stapleton   (M.B.)                              Sold by  Rotary Club of MB
3rd      $ 20                   774         M. Mc Appion  (Lameroo)                     Sold by  Rotary Club of Mobilong   
From today's Sunday Mail
Thanks Rotary E-Club of Melbourne

Rotary Wine Sales

What a great opportunity to sample our famous red wine. If you are needing a top up, email Ian and arrange remote collection.
Perhaps there is a red lining to the COVID-19 cloud!
The latest wine has now been labelled and is selling fast!
Our Club is able to offer the exceptional Lake Breeze 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon for the unbelievably low investment of $120 per dozen.
To purchase simply pay in advance via EFTPOS or cash at a regular meeting and then arrange collection with Rotarian Ian Elston

Murray Bridge Rotarians

People of Action

Whilst we are not meeting as a group, we can still be a valuable part of the community.
There has been a new menu item added to our website www.murraybridgerotary.org.au which allows our members to post their thoughts of the ways we as a Club can still function and provide service to our community.
Simply visit our site and click on the menu item "Members Page", login and leave a comment. If you dont know your login, please contact Robin on 0408813295 for assistance.
Please ensure you continue to communicate with each other during these difficult times.

Protocol Reminder

Just a couple of Protocol reminders -
If you are unable to attend a meeting please contact the Murray Bridge Golf Club before 1pm on 85311388.
If it is last minute please still contact the Golf Club and also contact either Gordon 85324563 or Gary 0418813474.
If your going to be away for any length of time please let either Gordon or Gary know plus Jenny Alexander-Walters.
When asking questions of a guest speaker, please stand and direct your question via the Chair

  What's happening on our Facebook page
John Scarvelis has been posting up a storm with some great content.
Follow the link below to see more...

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Apr 21, 2020 7:00 PM
Centenary Commemoration WW1
Apr 28, 2020 7:00 PM
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