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Dec 10, 2019 6:00 PM
Club Christmas Party - Murray Bridge Lawn Tennis Club


Chairperson: Simon Sickerdick

Fellowship & Invocation: John Scarvelis

Reserve: Peter Seals

Dec 17, 2019 6:30 AM
Club Breakfast at John Scarvelis 64a Mitchell Avenue
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Meeting Report 3337

Our half Yearly Reports were presented to the Rotary Club of Murray Bridge members at this weeks dinner on Tuesday night. The club certainly has a diversity of projects in the local and international community to " Make a Difference". Rotary is structured into five avenues of service with Directors leading each group.Sue Foster presented Communty, Roxanne Rowland International, Robin Le Gallez Vocational, Christine Willersdorf RALY Rotary Assisting Local Youth, and Simon Sickerdick Club Service. Sam Cozens presented the finance report for Glenn Obryan, Jim Cundy the Calender Project and John Scarvelis Facebook, the Rotary Youth Prize 2019, progress for the Rotary Art Show 2020 and the Murraylands Multicultural Network. Some of the projects highlighted included Salvos "Connect Meals", Mobilty Scooter Flag Fitting, Riding for the Disabled in Murray Bridge, Tour Down Under 2020, State Swimming Championships in Murray Bridge, Interact at the Murray Bridge High School and Skate Park Events. The Hall of Fame Music Event in 2020 ( keep your eye out for that one ), Murray Bridge Rotarians in Cambodia 2019 and the India- Australia Friendship Exchange 2019. The club has recently purchased a new 4m x 4m promotional Marque so look out for us at our next community project. Past Treasurer Brenton Nicholson was thanked and acknowledged for his many years of valuable service to the club and the community.
Murraylands Multicultural Network Rotary AGM 2019       John Scarvelis Chairman
The past 18 months has been very important in the social and economic development of the Murraylands. The foundations are now in place for going forward following the Thomas Foods fire and migrants will play an import role in this development. Steps in this process have included;
  • The Multicultural Legislative Review Community Forum held in the MB Town Hall
  • Parliamentary Inquiry into Economic Contribution of Migration to SA Public Forum
  • Regions Rising SA Conference held at the Adelaide Convention Centre
  • Joint Standing Committee on Migration Dept of the House of Representatives Federal Government of Australia.
  • Pathways to Active Citizenship Demographic profile of SA Refugee Youth Population 2019 Bob Hawke Centre Uni SA
All of these were public forums with speakers by invitation.
In Murray Bridge the Australian Migrant Resource Centre at 5 Second Street has purchased the house next door in anticipation of an increase for services and facilities. We have now with support from SA Water landscaped the new area with native plants. This was done with some training of some of the new settlers in using Australian plants. Rotarian Heather Muirhead manages the Murray Bridge AMRC Office ably supported by Bao Lou, both social workers. Rotarian Lesley Murray is one of the English teachers and a strong supporter and Soroptomist Merilyn Shultz is on the MMN Committee. The Rural City of Murray Bridge has introduced a policy of calling the new settlers “New Neighbours” and has been extremely supportive.
The Rural City of Murray Bridge has been successful in attracting short term workers with working Visas and New Settlers to the various business enterprises in Murray Bridge. In June 2019 at the Parliament of South Australia Inquiry into Economic Contribution of Migration to South Australia held in Murray Bridge businesses like Thomas Foods, Big River Pork, Swanport Harvest, Costa Mushrooms reported difficulties in finding suitable employees thus limiting expansion of their businesses even with the unemployment rate being so high in Australia. This has been a common theme also reported by others. There are two distinct types of migrant groups required in Regional Areas in Australia, Skilled Migrants whose role is to work thus requiring working visas, and those looking for Direct Settlement opportunities and they may overlap. Rigorous screening of both needs to be done in their home country by Australian officials who fully understand our requirements incorporating not only the skills required but social and community adaptability. They need to have an understanding of our laws and culture to assist them integrate into local communities. This work process being done early and thoughtfully will pay major dividends. The flow on effect of bringing in Skilled Workers and New Settlers radiates through the community resources including in schools, hospitals, doctors clinics, housing, transport, entertainment, training, tertiary institutions, and availability to up skill.  This supports Australian population growth, integration, social cohesion and civic development.
The Murraylands Multicultural Network is an important contributing group currently supporting the diverse immigrant groups in the Murraylands and has its origins in 2005 with a partnership formed by the Australian Migrant Resource Centre, Local Government, Regional Development Murraylands and Riverland and the Rotary Club of Murray Bridge. It resulted from the preparations for the Rotary Murraylands Cultural Festival in 2006 held at Sturt Reserve. Australian Migrant Resource CEO Eugenia Tsoulis formed a committee to formalize the arrangement. The group’s goals included recognition of the needs for services for new settlers in the region. The new settlers are drawn to the region for employment opportunities and the associated lifestyle. The MMN assists new migrants to understand and participate in governance, volunteering, working across cultures, managing funding and the organization of social, educational and cultural events for their and the wider community benefit. The MMN aims to highlight the contributions the variety of cultures make to the community and supports the services the AMRC provides to individual migrants and their communities. These services provided by the Australian Migrant Resource Centre will need to be significantly increased to match the number of migrants. Currently the work is done with 1.5 Social Worker time equivalents and volunteers. The MMN provides opportunity for the migrants to have a direct voice, forward their agendas, learn from each other, and about the community at large. Events which bring the cultural groups together and the general community have enabled harmony,  and have played an enormous part in successful migration and business development.
Many of the new settlers come from countries where they experience village or small town living and are not suitably assimilated in the larger cities. Australia’s history has shown that migrants tend to come in waves, the 1920’s, the 1950’s the 1980’s and the 2000’s till current. Although different there are many commonalities that we can learn from. Currently in Murray Bridge we have Filipino, Indian, Chinese, Iranian, Indonesian, Zimbabwean, Maori, Congolese, Italian, Greek, Irish, Sri Lankan members with migrant backgrounds many of which are at different stages of development. This tends to fluctuate pending on individual circumstance.  Issues of regional importance being addressed currently include transport, education, housing, social, health, cultural, the aged, language (both English and language of origin) and ethnicity. The chance of success increases further by bringing migrants settlers or workers from countries and provenances already settled in Murray Bridge to enable connectivity with existing cohorts. The culture of the business they will be in may need to change or modify to support them and particularly to value their contribution to the workplace. Visas that reunite families are also an important consideration.
The Murraylands MRC is a regional branch of the Australian Migrant Resource Centre located in Second Street Murray Bridge. The Australian Migrant Resource Centre has been providing settlement services in South Australia for nearly 40 years and has assisted to settle over 100,000 migrants and refugees.   The Murray Bridge Centre is the hub for activities with the migrant groups in the Murraylands. It provides opportunities for migrants to improve their English, for developing and sharing cooking skills, homework classes to support young students, conduct school holiday courses, enabled the receiving of personal and community support, and teaching ethnic and cultural skills. It has recently introduced its first ethnic school for the Chinese Community every Saturday morning. Partnerships have also been developed with Tinyeri for Preschool, with Murray Bridge North Primary School for extra support, and with the Learning Together Program at Frazer Park School to teach young mothers English and parenting sessions.
South Australia is at a critical stage that requires further input into Regional Development. The Murraylands is one of those fortunate regions with climate, environment and land availability to enable this to occur. It will have short term, long term economic and social benefits if appropriate infrastructure can be made available in partnerships between all levels of government, business and the community. Funding for AMRC and Local Government is critical for short and long term development for services, staff, and infrastructure.
The short term economic benefits are more obvious and include providing a skilled and motivated workforce for industry or project development. As a good model in the current Murraylands Chinese Community when they first arrive you see those riding cycles to work. Within a short period of time they have then purchased a car which they share with others. Again in a relatively short time after they rent they seem to purchase a house. This pattern follows the migrants of the 50’s who were set up by the role models of the 1920’s. Family is high priority in their culture so education for the young and inclusion of the aged becomes important. This model has a very high economic impact within a short period of time and needs to be encouraged.
In the long term the needs change as many are motivated for personal development for themselves and their off-spring. This means provision of adequate training and education to enable regional development and remaining in the community. Being brought up in Australia makes a significant difference to loyalty and motivation this land of opportunity and a fair go provides. Our experience favours the long term settlement of workers to become Australian citizens providing the best outcomes. They prefer for their families to stay in the Regional areas and for them not to gravitate to the major cities. To enable this to occur the regions need infrastructure improvements to occur and be maintained. South Australia already has the best lifestyle living of any of the Australian States. Regional Development is the key to developing this further. Over the past 30 years we have had a major shift of trained professionals to other States due to job opportunities which requires investment to turn around. Our Economic development has been dependant on business development in the region and this requires an adequate, well trained and happy workforce. New industries like digital technology, the space industry, robotics and manufacturing will have a major impact in addition to our traditional green clean produce industries in agriculture and horticulture. Mining although very important at the moment has a limited shelf life. The AMRC has recently formed a Murraylands Connecting Settlement and Community Services Group which includes all the relevant partners providing a regular forum for service providers, community and business leaders to progress linkages and engagement of the diverse cultural groups living and working in the Murraylands, supporting population growth, economic and civic development.
Maintaining transparency in all matters relating to migration will be a major contribution to development of the Australian workforce and community. Promotion in other countries, States and locally is also a key to a successful outcome. The process of selection prior to migration can have the greatest impact.  A good process and outcome will provide a united peaceful community we all aspire to be part of. Diversity of population is one of Australia’s greatest assets.  It allows those who are multilingual and or have lived or have connections in other countries to think in a variety of different ways, enabling trade and better world understanding in a global environment. It also brings a diversity of experience to the local community providing harmony. It supports mutual respect, tolerance and understanding regardless of background. The recent Multicultural Legislative Review initiated by the State Government highlighting the Multicultural Principals and Legislation is both timely and necessary. It’s very important for new settler migrants to understand the laws and governance in Australia.
FACEBOOK Report    Rotary Club of Murray Bridge AGM  Dec 1st 2019    John Scarvelis
Facebook is a key Club marketing strategy linked with our Webpage and Bulletin. It is an important method of communication and engagement with our members and with the general public. It aims to “tell a story” about the range of activities available in the Rotary Club of Murray Bridge. The key to this is regularity to engage and encourage looking at the content to be fully informed.  It reports on events past and future. For Example in November there were 1,279 people reached an 18% increase with 1160 Post engagements a 155% increase. There were at least 34 Posts made averaging more than one per day.
Significant subjects covered in the past month of November and people reached included;
Domestic Violence Val Braendler (53 reached), River Murray Study Hub (312), Rotary Youth Art Prize(71), Australian Migrant Resource Centre AGM (76), AMRC Community Constable (154), MB Childrens Chior (92), Mobilong Country Market (101), Murraylands Men Shed (116), Kevin Prosser Tennis (188), Planting Day Murraylands Multicultural Network(100), Tents that collect water and store Solar Energy (225), Cambodia Friendship Exchange (75), Migration Services Forum MB library (125), Burmese Chior Celebrating 40 years of service to new arrivals in SA (78) Drakes Supermarket Vocational Visit (717), Simon Sickerdick’s Mo Apace (60), MB Rotarians in Phnom Penh (97), Rotary Friendship Exchange to Indore India (70), Hay Bales from Conalpyn (128), Mobilong activities at Sturt Reserve Xmas Festival (86), MB River Xmas Festival (100), MB Xmas Parade (238), Australian Academy of Science Australia and India (41), Cambodia Report (66), RYLA Paris Long (88), Rotary Citation 2018-9 (114), India Friendship Exchange Indore (108), Greetings from Indore India (209), Mental Health Day (309), Consul General Peoples Republic of China at AMRC Murray Bridge(80), Christina Brunbauer Rotaract Blue Danube Alumini (93), Thomas Foods International rebuild (66).
There were over 449 Posts since the Changeover in June 2019.
We had 1,500 people reached for the Changeover Night Post at the new Gifford Hill Racing Venue. I would like to acknowledge Leanne Walding’s support in photography and facebook whilst I was away in India. Organise your phone or computer to make the information easily available to you.

Murray Bridge Rotary Art Show Committee

Report to AGM Murray Bridge and Mobilong Rotary Clubs

Prepared by Chairperson Bob England

Planning is well underway for the 2020 Rotary Art show to occur in the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery from 2nd to 17th May.
Cooperation with Gallery Manager Fulvia Mantelli has been strong and most helpful.
We are currently celebrating the success of the Rotary Youth Art Show which has recently concluded in the Regional Gallery. This has been an excellent vehicle to put the name and work of Rotary before the younger generation and their families.
The combined committee has welcomed the inclusion of Rotarians Kevin Prosser and Anna Bellon to its membership their skills and experience will be most helpful to the committee.
The immediate challenge is to develop our sponsorship base which is being led by Kevin and John Scarvelis. Any suggestions of potential sponsors to these Rotarians will be followed up.
In preparing your 2020 diary Rotarians might like to enter Friday 1st May as the opening night of the Art Show to which all will receive an invitation.
Our clubs should also note that significant funds have been accumulated towards public art. These funds have the potential to leverage extra funds to produce this work. Clubs will of course be fully involved as this vision unfolds.
The Committee thanks both Murray Bridge and Mobilong Clubs for their continuing support for 
Since taking over as director of the  Community Services Committee this year we have had a steady workload of catering events.
The Club has participated in both fund raising and Community events.
There has been discussion over the number of b-b-q’s we are involved in and whether they should be limited to one a month. 
While this sounds a good idea it would mean that some months we wouldn’t have an event and other months we would need to reject what would be considered a worthy event.  It would be helpful for the club to have a discussion on the subject as it is the  members who do the work and without their support any fundraising or community event would not happen.
It would also be helpful though, if we had more notice for some events so that proper planning could be done. This would alleviate some of the problems which we have encountered such as late reporting for insurance cover.
And  all events should be booked through either the chair of Community or appropriately appointed member of Committee.
The heavy workload of b-b-q’s does mean that other duties of the Community Committee are often overlooked.
The Connect project which helps with meals on two Thursdays of the month for the Salvation Army is going well thanks to a small willing and eager band of helpers including organisers, Jan Colwell and Kevin Prosser.  Both Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs and the Soroptimists Club are rostered on as helpers while Murray Bridge Rotary covers the costs.  This project was initially for a 6month trial and it will be assessed in the coming months.
Kevin and Rob Walters have also planned and embarked on a project to improve the Salvation Army’s kitchen area to make it more user friendly for the numbers of helpers now moving through.
Kevin Prosser has also completed the 6th year of fixing flags to mobility scooters with more than 20 flags fitted during the year.  This program is funded through the RAA and Road Safety program and is free to the recipients.
The Committee also helped an autistic boy who rode for riding for the disabled to attend the Nationals in Victoria and is helping Riding for the Disabled to refence their horse yards. 
Coming up in the new year is the Tour Down Under which will see both the men’s and women’s teams in Murray Bridge and an approach has been put to Council in regard to catering.  There is also the State Swimming Championships to be held here and Skate Park Commitments. 
We would also like to hold a long lunch in the early year as the club has not had one of these events for a few years.
I would like to thank all members of my committee and of the club for their support and help over the last year and look forward to forging into the new one with your help.  
Chair, Community Service Committee, Sue Foster
Report to AGM  - 3rd December 2019
The Vocational Committee has been active this year with a number of projects completed or in the planning.
This year’s Committee has been rebalanced to ensure all Committees have even numbers of active Rotarians.
Sherida Campbell
David Price
Ian Elston
John Whimpress
Bruce Frazer
Margaret Whitehead
Gary Frazer
Roger Wickes                       
Wayne Jackson
Robin LeGallez (Director)
Meetings have been well attended and I thank members for this. Gary Frazer acted as chair in my absence at the beginning of the year and I am grateful for this.
Our Committee is responsible for and has acted on the following
  • Probus Liaison
    • Bruce Frazer is our Probus liaison representative and he has recently addressed the MB Probus Club. In addition we now include the Probus Club as part of our newsletter distribution list to ensure they are aware of our activities. It is suggested that Probus be invited to special Rotary functions with the annual changeover dinner being one.
  • Rotaract
    • Rotaract has previously been active in Murray Bridge but there has not been a presence for many years.
It was decided to request the District Liaison Officer, Liz Gardner be invited to address our Club to outline the process of investigating the likelihood of forming a Club. The process may well be of benefit to formulate a plan for other Rotary sub groups.
  • RYLA
    • This year we received and paid for two awardees however only one was able to attend. A request for reimbursement was forwarded to RYLA and has since been received. The withdrawal was within the timeframe for a full refund.
      Paris Long attended the camp and I was able to be at the graduation dinner hosted by the Campbelltown Rotary Club.
      Our Club was recently addressed by Paris and this was well received.
  • Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch
    • A successful lunch was held in October with 40 people indicating their willingness to participate. Five hosts provided a great social and fundraising event and thanks go to those who offered to host and those who attended. A significant profit of $940 was added to the Rotary Club’s accounts.

  • Wine Sales
    • It appears the last pallet of wine has been extremely popular and is now almost exhausted. The Committee via Ian Elston has been able to secure an additional pallet of the same vintage and there will not be a shortage. A labelling event will be advised next year. Now is the time to buy a few cartons to see you over the Christmas season. Special members price is $120 per dozen.
  • Swap Meet
    • Whilst this is seen as a Club Project, the Vocational Committee will oversea the Swap Meet with John Whimpress being the main driver.
      The Club has been in need of a robust marquee for some time and the Committee recently took possession of a 4mx4m fully sign written marquee complete with side walls when required. This is an extremely strong and therefore heavy frame and two people should always be available to move or erect the frame.
  • Rotary / RDA Business Dinner / Murray River Study Hub
    • Following several planning meetings a additional meeting was held with the acting CEO and during this, it was decided that the function as it is currently formatted is not meeting the aims of RDA and the cost does not justify the return. As a result, the dinner was cancelled and this now creates an opportunity for Rotary to develop a new style of business engagement.
      As part of our discussions it was agreed to seek information relating to the Murray River Study Hub which is now operating in Murray Bridge. Thanks to Jenny Phillips for organising a “pre” visit to the hub before the coordinator speaks to our club and outlines our possible involvement.
  • Vocational Visits
    • January is Vocational month on the Rotary calendar.
      Thanks to my Committee for organising the Vocational visit to Drakes Supermarkets and to the management for providing an insight into the philosophy of “Drakes”.
      We have a planned visit to Jacksons Australia for January and Mobilong Prison has agreed to hosting us next year.
  • Science Challenge
    • The annual Science Challenge managed by Sam Cozens was added to our list. We have agreed to fund this.

  • Major Fundraiser
    • Discussion are being held in relation to a possible fundraiser later in 2020.
      It is proposed that a “Hall of Famers” music event be organised with a musician having been inducted into the Music Hall of Fame.
      To turn a significant profit we would need to sell at least 200 tickets at a minimum of $40 each.
      Watch this space for more information.

Finally I wish to thanks all members for their support throughout the first six months of this Rotary year and I look forward to the next six.
Robin LeGallez

Calendar Report

2020 Calendar Report
At this point in time we are busy selling the 2020 Calendar. The photographs for 2020 have again been kindly supplied by Leanne Walding.
We have only printed 900 this time, as we rarely sell more than 900, and this has resulted in a saving of $900.
We have had difficulty selling advertising for the calendar and have fallen 5 Ads short, a loss of $1000.
Sales are progressing well, and are more likely to sell as a lottery ticket than a calendar.
So all is looking good for a projected profit of between $10,000 to $12,000.
Chair of the Calendar Committee 
Please note that Murray Nankivell will be closed from December the 20th and reopening on the 6th January 2020. Money and slips can be given to David Price, please contact David on 0438 321463.

Financial Report 

by Glen O'Bryan
The financial report was present by Sam Cozens as Glen was unable to attend the last meeting.
I can confirm the following balance sheet items as at 2/12/2019
Bank Balance                                    $17,071.21
Outstanding Invoices (Receivables)  $11,060.80
Normally the AGM would be presented with the audited accounts for the previous financial year.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to devote enough time to be able to send our financial records to be audited.  The plan over the Xmas period with the assistance of Sam and others, is to reconcile the remaining transactions for 2018/19 to a stage that will allow an independent audit to be completed before the end of February 2020 (subject to approval).
All transactions are now being recorded and reported using Xero - cloud accounting software.  The following members have on-line access to the records in Xero - Sam Cozens, Brenton Nicholson, Lesley Murray and Jenny Alexander-Walters and myself.   

Calendar Winners 3rd December

1st  prize.   $100     No  647         Susan Keane (Pasadena.)                                     (Sold by R.  Wickes)  
2nd prize     $30      No.  714        Adam Latemore     (Cumberland Park.)               (Sold by Strath. SES) 
3rd  prize     $20      No   556        Denise Mc Mahon    (Jervois)                                 ( Sold by L.  Walding)

Rotary Wine Sales

Current wine stock is getting low but good news, we have now secured another pallet of the same vintage! Our Club is able to offer the exceptional Lake Breeze 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon for the unbelievably low investment of $120 per dozen.
To purchase simply pay in advance via EFTPOS or cash at a regular meeting and then arrange collection with Rotarian Ian Elston

Protocol Reminder

Just a couple of Protocol reminders -
If you are unable to attend a meeting please contact the Murray Bridge Golf Club before 1pm on 85311388.
If it is last minute please still contact the Golf Club and also contact either Gordon 85324563 or Gary 0418813474.
If your going to be away for any length of time please let either Gordon or Gary know plus Jenny Alexander-Walters.

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