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The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge meets at the Murray Bridge Golf Club
41 Ritter St, Murray Bridge on Tuesday evenings
With fellowship from 6.00pm and meeting starting at 6.15pm.
All guests and apologies must be confirmed with the Golf Club
by 12.00pm on the same day.
Please call the Golf Club on 08 85311388 or email

The Four-Way Test

 1.  Is it the TRUTH?
 2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
 4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

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Oct 24, 2023 6:15 PM
Rural & Remote Health (Flinders Uni)


Speaker: Elspeth Radford - Community Engagement and Communication Officer, Medicine and Public Health | Rural and Remote Health SA 

Chairperson: JIm Cundy 

Fellowship & Invocation: Simon Sickerdick

Reserve: Lyn Sickerdick

Sergeant: Darryl Webb

Oct 31, 2023 6:15 PM
Combined Service Clubs Dinner
Nov 07, 2023 6:00 PM
MBHS Music Bursary Recipient and a Performance from Music Students at Murray Bridge School
Nov 14, 2023 6:15 PM
Committee Meetings followed by Darryl Webb speaking about Sandakan & Borneo
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Congratulations to Lyn Sickerdick and her committee upon receiving the $10,000 grant from Australia Post which will be used at the Murray Bridge High School. Only one of four received in South Australia.
If you happen to be in the Marketplace take a walk up to the Post Office where there are a couple of posters on the front window congratulating our Club, the walk will do you good anyway.
A couple of reminders,
31st October - Combined Service Clubs meeting at the RSL, please pre-pay $35.00 p/p to Rotary attendance officers
7th November – Meeting at Murray Bridge High School for a music night
Wednesday 29th November - A combined meeting with Mobilong at Avoca Dell to raise funds for Shelter Boxes. There will be no meeting on the Tuesday.
Please don’t forget your calendar sales.
See you Tuesday night.

Australia Post Grant $10,000

Your Vocational committee has been successful in securing a Community Grant for Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing from Aust Post.  We are very privileged to be 1 of 4 recipients in South Australia.  Our project is called Murray Bridge Rotary supports teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA).
A program offered by Mark Smith an ex Rotarian and CEO of Safer Communities called teen Mental Health First Aid tMHFA  was reported in a RDU issue last year where his company in partnership with Rotary clubs was able to offer this course at a discounted rate to local high schools.  When the grants were advertised with little time to respond Directors Lyn and Simon had a zoom meeting with Mark where he agreed to do the lions share of the grant application.  So with tongue in cheek we applied with no real expectations.
The program offers 3 x 90 minute group sessions for up to 240 students and will include some teachers who will provide adult resources at the school.  Mark has opened discussion with the school Welfare Head and Managers at Headspace and Centacare to partner with us and provide resources in the community.  Please check out https://www.safercommunities.com.au/teen-mhfa for more information.
Thank you for your support as always.
In the words of the Great Jakal “Who wouldn’t want to be a Rotarian”.

Meeting 3526 Report

Tammie Hamilton from the Rural City of Murray Bridge was our guest speaker at this weeks Rotary Club of Murray Bridge meeting. She is acting in the role of Manager of Community Services. Tammie worked for 5 years in various Policy and Program Roles in the State Government in the Health, Disability, Aged Care and Community Service sector. She has also worked as Manager of Lewin, Councils Residential Aged Care Facility in Murray Bridge. Tammie gave a passionate overview of her work with the Rural City and said she enjoys local government because she genuinely believes in the roles that provides as the closest level of government to the community. She has tertiary qualifications from the University of SA and Flinders University. Rotary and the Rural City have developed partnerships and projects over a long period of time and she is keen for that to be further developed. She oversees a range of roles including Youth, The Station where young people are supported with skills development, well being and community involvement, Planet Youth which develops a community Drug Prevention Model with data delivery and evidence based.
Sports & Recreation includes the Dads and Daughters Program, the Showgrounds Concept Plan, and the Murray Coorong Trail which has just appointed a new Field Officer in September 2023. The Murray Bridge Library is an important Community Hub and the Art Gallery is now one of the best in Regional SA. The Arts are also supported through the Performing Arts and Function Centre. The Community Grants Program, Domestic Violence and Reconciliation, Home Support, Multicultural/New Arrivals are also among the services provided. Rotary has supported many of these services in partnership with the Rural City. Its been a great partnership! John Scarvelis

ROMAC Update

Senri is a 15-year-old patient from the Solomon Islands, who had surgery on his left hand in April. It was badly damaged by white phosphorus when he picked up an unexploded WWII bomb. His surgeon, Dr Toleraton, and his physiotherapist, believe Senri is starting to make some serious headway with his rehabilitation program. The physiotherapy sessions are extremely onerous and painful but, after 3 months, there is finally some small movement in his fingers and joints. Senri will still be wearing his braces for a very long time and will need at least 2 sessions of extensive home physiotherapy every day.

Recently Senri spent his 2-week school holiday in the Gladstone area, seeing the sights, promoting ROMAC, and experiencing the hospitality of Rotarians. Senri continued his rigorous and often painful physiotherapy regime all the time, yet managed to enjoy country hospitality. He was hosted by Adele Hughes, Northern Region Chair, and her partner Wade (pictured with Senri). 

During Senri’s stay in Gladstone, he attended 7 Clubs as the guest speaker. His story, lovely personality and beautiful smile was a real hit with Rotarians. Adele’s desire is to make ROMAC real to Clubs, who in the past, have seen ROMAC from afar. Many in regional Queensland and Northern Territory have been donating for years, yet have little or no actual hands-on contact with ROMAC. But now members know, from Senri’s story, what it is like to be a ROMAC patient and the benefits of our unique Rotary charity.

Senri is now back at school after the school holidays and is looking forward to the sports days. He has moved from grade 6 to 7, since he started schooling here in Australia, which is also fantastic news, as Senri had not been attending school since his accident 2 years ago.

DG Craig's Zoom Meeting Notes

Recollections from DG Craig Dowling Zoom Meeting
Sunday 8th October 2023 - 7-00pm to 8-00pm - 11 Rotarians present

Discussion items:

  1. Communications Follow Up - discussions continued around how to reach more Rotarians
    1. SMS trial District Newsletter sent to trial group via SMS - who opened it? What is their response
    2. Format of Newsletter needs altering to be viewable via SMS so it looks similar to emailed versions
    3. Email Graham Fussen if you want to be on the trial group
    4. Area Governors still feeling there are too many emails - use District page for emails - how many are regularly looking at these pages
    5. Events Section - coax others to use this page for club events

2.Regionalisation Issues

  1. Continue sending questions - all questions and queries are being followed up and responded to
  2. Club questions to be directed to Marie-Louise Lees
  3. Special sessions being organised to answer queries 11th Oct evening or Sun 15/10 afternoon
  4. Encouraged to keep the (trivial) questions coming

3.Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign

  1. District event on 25th November 2023 - march from Victoria Square to Womens Gardens - encouraged to get lots involved - idea started at 200-300 - now aiming for in excess of 5,000
  2. Work with your local Domestic Violence groups to get involved and march
  3. Posters and information has been emailed to all clubs
  4. Encouraged to get posters in Business windows
  5. Posters can be badged with local Rotary Club (Rotary Club of Murray Bridge says NO to Domestic Violence) - downloadable for each club
  6. Registration needed to attend the march although no-one will be turned away - mainly numbers needed for data collection
  7. Promote 1800RESPECT; Website; WSS (Women’s Safety Services)
  8. November 15/16 Domestic Violence Launch at Federal Parliament House Canberra - promote Rotary Action as a National voice

4.Global Youth Exchange

  1. 8 inbound and 6 outbound students and a group of Rotarians attended Calperum Station for get-to-know-you sessions
  2. Most encouraging
  3. Discussion around the possibilities if increasing these numbers and some of the issues facing clubs at the moment


  1. Struggling to get student numbers
  2. Cancelled events and cancelled student attendances (loss $$$ to Rotary)
  3. Young people need to see the value of the week - use their media platforms
  4. Need to have stronger links to local clubs - need to build the relationships with businesses to encourage attendance - employers need to see the benefits to their company of young people attending - some are not supporting employee attendance - therefore attendances are withdrawn
  5. Similar issues being faced by ‘One and All’ Sailing and NYSF programs
  6. Clubs need to build stronger relationships with young people but also with regional employers

6.RARE (formerly DIK)

  1. Next working bee Sunday 19th November - 9-30am start at Edinborough
  2. Sausage Sizzle at Noon


  1. Clubs to keep their eyes out for new playgrounds as they become available
  2. Work of Murray Bridge/Mobilong/Mt Barker/Kidman Park clubs praised
  3. Other clubs invited to look at this as an option of International Service
As recorded by Roxanne Rowland Rotary Club of Murray Bridge
Let's celebrate a century of Rotary in South Australia with lunch on the 4th of February 2024 at the William Magarey Room, Adelaide Oval.
Full details are on the attached flyer including the link for booking.
Please note that enquiries should be sent via secretary@adelaiderotary.com.au (attention Rachel Wills)

Calperum 2023

Morning of day 3 at Rotary Club of Murray Bridge Calperum Camp with artist Daniel Giles and daughter Mali in focusing on individual art and identity. Considering elements of colour, animals, plants, and character of country. 300 to 500 Aboriginal countries can be identified within Australia all with different language, cultures, customs and lores making a contribution to identity. Daniel's totem is the Pelican. Totems are a way of keeping sustainability. Painting styles include dots (mainly from central Australia ), symbolism, storytelling, with music, dance, lines, expression and photography. Your art should be reflective of you. Daniel took everyone outside to the fireplace area for a period of silence and reflection. You could feel the effect on the students hearing different sounds by listening in peace and quiet to the sounds of the wind in the trees , the birds and other sounds. A lightbulb moment.The students then went back to the outdoor classroom to start their art piece firstly on a planning piece then a final product with colour paint. Each piece should identify the students thoughts, feelings and priorities. Blak Scarlet is his facebook site. A very rewarding session for all. John Scarvelis.

Contact Julieanne if you wish to order


17th October

Draw Date
          Winning No.
Sold by
           Rhys Wicker
Daw Park
R. Wickes
          Paul & Helen Salter
Murray Bridge
J. Sissman
           Janine Bryan
Murray Bridge
K. Prosser
Near Moolooloo - Flinders Ranges

Mobilong Meetings

Recent discussions with Mobiong President Sally has resuled in both Clubs sharing their upcoming speaker list to update members
18th OCTOBERNoel Kneebone                                       M/Bridge Players and Singers    RSL
25th OCTOBERTim Jenkins                                               Monarto Zoo                           RSL
31st OCTOBER                                   COMBINED SERVICE CLUBS ANNUAL DINNERRSL
15th NOVEMBERKai Martin + Tim Law                             Domestic Violence               RSL
22nd NOVEMBERSeun Akande & Bolaji  Akinbo          Our journey from Nigeria to M/BridgeRSL
29th NOVEMBERVOCATIONAL                                           Putt putt golf  with M/Bridge Rotary @ Avoca Dell 
2nd DECEMBER                                                                      Christmas Dinner   ?
13th DECEMBEREmily Hudson    Reserved for potental speaker from Council = Van health rules  2b confirmedRSL
20th DECEMBER                                                                     Speaker unlikelyRSL
If you are wishing to attend, please ensure you book in.

Peace Poles Unveiled

Peace celebrated at Murray Bridge High School this morning with the middle school, Rotary, and the Murraylands Multicultural Network. Mayor Wayne Thorley and Adrian Pederick MP also attended. The Peace Pole program had its beginnings in 1955. You can now find Peace Poles in close to 200 countries with over 250,000 placed around the world. They symbolise our common wish for peace. They stand as a silent vigil, at the enterance of the school, reminding us to think and act in the spirit of PEACE. TODAY is World Peace Day. Rotary is celebrating with 100 Peace poles in South Australia and also 100 years of Rotary. "May Peace prevail on Earth" is the catch cry in 4 languages on each pole. Twenty languages are represented in the 5 poles planted at the school so far. They were read out by the students and guests in language. Rotarian Sam Cozens read a message from the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. "As we mark this International Day of Peace, people and our planet are in crisis. Conflicts driving record numbers from their homes. Deadly fires, raging floods, and soaring temperatures, poverty, inequalities and injustices. This year's theme reminds us that peace is not automatic - Peace is the result of ACTION. Action to end war on our planet towards sustainable development goals and ensure that no one is left behind. Action to uphold and protect human rights and dignity of every person - especially as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Decleration of Human Rights. Action to use the timeless tools of diplomacy, dialogue and collaboration to defuse tensions and end conflict. And Action for those millions of people living thru the horrors of war.
Peace is not only a noble vision for humanity! Peace is a call to ACTION". John Scarvelis.

Where are the Defibrillators?

The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge in conjunction with Heart of the Nation are seeking to create a complete list of defibrillators or AED's in the Murray Bridge area and add them to the phone app to ensure immediate access is available should the need arise.
If you know of an AED can you please contact Darryl Webb 0409 621 469 and he will ensure the details are entered onto the phone app.
Visit this website for more details and links to the phone app https://www.heartofthenation.com.au/hotn-app 
Do it now as the life it saves could be yours.

Food Business Notification Number
Rural City Of Murray Bridge

Trading Business Name: Rotary Club of Murray Bridge
Food Business Notification Number: RCMB118
This business is now notified with the Rural City of Murray Bridge. If there are any changes to the food business notification details, such as a change in address or ownership, please ensure Council is notified with the appropriate form.
While Council has a responsibility for the administration of the Food Act 2001 to ensure compliance with standards and food safety requirements, we consider our primary role is to provide support. We can provide advice and guidance on all Food Standards Code matters.

Object of Rotary

The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:

  • FIRST: The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;
  • SECOND: High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society;
  • THIRD: The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business, and community life;
  • FOURTH: The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.


Rotary Work Shirts

Darryl Webb has arranged with Grandisons to supply Bisley Rotary work shirts in various configurations.
Please visit Grandisons and select your shirt which will then be embroided with our Club logo.
Pay for the shirt and retain your receipt.
Upon presentation of the receipt to Sam Cozens, you will be reimbursed $20 as a subsidy

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