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Meeting Report 3327

RYEA Conference Christchurch
13-15 September 2019
And “Where are Our Exchange Students Now?”
Jenny Phillips travelled to Christchurch on 12th September to attend the Rotary Youth Exchange Australia Conference and, together with Greg Chaplin (New Zealand Country Coordinator) give a presentation on the short term exchange program with New Zealand.  There were around 60 delegates from Australian Rotary Districts, plus around 6 representatives from Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan and Brazil.
The Conference ran over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
On Friday, the agenda was for Chairs of Rotary Youth Exchange Committees only and so the whole day was dedicated to a “closed” meeting. 
Saturday morning there was a session on RI Youth Protection Training Module which is on the RYEA website.
Following morning tea, there was an hour and a half session on “Engaging Clubs” which was conducted in a workshop.  We had to discuss various topics on “how to engage clubs” in relation to Youth Exchange.  It will be interesting to see the outcome of the discussions.  This topic was continued after lunch for a further half hour by Kellie Kadaoui and two Rotex students.  Kellie has a marketing background, who used her knowledge and skills to build up some great testimonial videos promoting long term exchange and short term exchange in her District.   In 2020, D9790 will be sending out 18 long term exchange students and 12 short term students.  In her research and talking to past exchange students, Kellie found that the most important (and prized) thing to the students was the “green blazer”.  This surprised me somewhat, because a student can come home with a blazer full of pins and ornaments of their exchange, but they are the tangible possessions.  I wonder what are the intangible lessons they learn and bring home with them from their year away?
 Interestingly, D9790 is the only District in Australia conducting short term exchange programs ranging from 2 to 8 weeks in a variety of countries. 
The next topic was “Supporting LGBT Exchanges” conducted by Amanda Roach from D9670.  It was thought provoking and slightly uncomfortable, in so much as I don’t think Rotary Clubs or Rotarians are well equipped at this point in time to handle such issues as:
  • A student returning home early having “come out” whilst on exchange and not sure how to tell their parents
  • An inbound student who decides to “come out” whilst in their hosting country.
There’s a myriad of mental health issues around this topic and there were conflicting views by delegates at the Conference.  There are a number of students around Australia, who return home early from their exchange for various reasons, but mainly citing “anxiety” or “mental health issues”.
Following the presentation by Greg and me, there was a report on the Rotary International Youth Exchange Committee 2019 Pre-Convention Report. This Conference was held in Morocco. The Australian delegate was PDG Wendy Protheroe from D9600.
There was a dinner on the Saturday night, which gave me an opportunity to meet other Youth Exchange representatives from Australian Rotary Districts.
On Sunday there were presentations from the overseas Youth Exchange delegates, but I took the opportunity to meet with Georgia Smith who was on the RANZSE program in 2012, hosted by the Rotary Club of Loxton.
The agenda for the conference did not cater for:
  • discussion on the success or otherwise of the long term program, what could be done to improve it.  
  • discussion on how effective briefing and debriefing sessions were for students. 
  • How effective the Euro Safari might be.
  • discussion around cost of the year long exchange, apart from Kellie saying that it cost $20,000 for her son to go on exchange and more to send her daughter!!   
  • the application forms are not reviewed, nor are the District Interview questions.  I’m not sure a Club Interview is conducted any more.
This year there were 170 Australian students sent out to various countries for a 12 month exchange.  A few years ago, it was over 300.  
My question would be:  why aren’t more District Youth Exchange Committees exploring the idea of short term exchanges to any country for any length of time between 4 and 12 weeks?  For some reason, or reasons, a short term exchange option has gone off the radar for a lot of Rotary Districts. In speaking to a number of District Governors and District Governors Elect last year in Hobart, many of them had never heard of the exchange program between our two countries.   If Rotary Clubs and Rotarians in general, don’t know about the options, they can’t promote Rotary exchange programs to prospective students.
It was a very rushed trip, but worth the opportunity to meet other District Youth Exchange Chairpersons and to see one of our past students.
The topic of exchange programs led me to thinking:  “ Where are our Exchange Students now?”
So, I’ve done a bit of research.  Not all of the following students were hosted/sponsored by our Rotary Club, but all have been sponsored/hosted by D9520.
Between 1968 and 2013 our Rotary Club sponsored 45 outbound Long Term Exchange Students.
Between 1965 and 2013 we hosted 44 Inbound Students.
From 1989 to 2017 we sponsored 32 students on the Short Term exchange to New Zealand.  3 students did not complete their exchange.  During the same period our Club hosted 32 students on the same program.   It’s worth noting that between 1995-2005 we don’t have any records of students being hosted or sponsored, I know the Short Term program was undergoing some changes at that time, but there may be students in the early 2000s that we simply have not recorded for our Club.
I’m going to show you a range of past exchange students  that I have been able to “track” who were either sponsored or hosted by our Club, but also were within our District.
2006 Sarah Alford (RC Tailem Bend) – Attended Unity College and Kadina Area School.   Qualified Sonographer – Triple Certificated in Radiography, MRI and Ultrasound.  Spent last two years working at St Georges Hospital, London as a locum.  Currently touring Europe, should be home this week unless she finds another “exotic” place to visit!!
2008 Zoe Dix / Georgia Walden  RC Tailem Bend – - Attended Coomandook Area School.  Participants in RYLA 2012, sponsored by RC Murray Bridge.  Zoe has a Degree in Teaching specializing in Disabilities.  Now married, living in Perth and working at the Methodist Ladies College.  Past member of the Paralympic Committee for Boche.  Strong chance Zoe will be heading to the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020. 
Georgia returned to Adelaide to study at the University of Adelaide.  Has a Degree in Marine Biology.  In January 2018, Georgia married Tom Rowntree and is now training to be an officer in the South Australian Police Force.
2008 Chloe Strauss/Holly Brown (RC Murray Bridge)  –
Chloe has a Degree in Commerce (Accounting), married with two little girls. 
Holly has a degree in Radiography and works at Starship Children’s Hospital, Auckland.
2008 Jennifer Brown – still working and living overseas
2009 Megan and Tyla Janssen (RC Loxton) – Megan has a Teaching degree.  Tyla is living in Canada working in the Tourism industry.
2009 Sam Brown (RC Naracoorte) – Degree in Civil Engineering
2011 Kaitlin Brown (RC Naracoorte) – Degree in Nutrition from Flinders University
2009 Kristie Cornwell (nee Green) (hosted by RC Naracoorte) – Qualified Paramedic based in Wellington NZ
2009 – Aaron Pratt (RC Mobilong) - Degree in Secondary Education.  Working at Murray Bridge High School
2009 – Megan Wood (RC Mount Barker) – Degree in Secondary Education.  Working at Eastern Fleurieu School.
2010 Max Baker (RC Loxton) – Intern Pharmacist at Flinders Medical Centre
2010 Melissa Kluge (RC Tailem Bend) – Commenced studying Enrolled Nursing at TAFE before undertaking her Registered Nursing studies.  Now working at Port Hedland.
2010 Georgia Hicks (RC Mobilong) – Degree in Law and International Relations.  Spent six months last year working as an intern for a Senator of the US Congress in Washington DC.
2010 Sheridan Piltz (RC Murray Bridge) – Double degree in Teaching and Japanese from the University of Adelaide.  Worked in Japan teaching English to Junior Primary students for nearly three years.  Came home in April and in July commenced working for the Japanese Embassy in Canberra.  Sheridan has joined the Rotaract Club in Canberra and will undertake RYLA next February.  Sheridan is studying her Masters’ degree in Teaching with the University of South Australia.
2010/2011 – Pauline Gossart Long Term from Belgium) – Degree in Graphic Design.  Working for Deloitte’s in Brussels.  Designs web pages for Deloitte’s clients.
2011 Georgina Collins (RC Loxton) – Studying Medicine
2011 Bianca Kahl (RC Tailem Bend) – Supervisor, Kent Town Swim, Prince Alfred College
2011 Kayla McDiarmid/Victoria Birch (RC Murray Bridge)Kayla working in the travel industry, currently a Tour Guide for Busabout Tours, based in London for the past 18 months. Victoria works in Human Resources, Auckland.
2011 Alice Jackson (hosted by RC Waikerie) – Graduated University of Auckland in 2019 with a Bachelor of Optometry
2011 Kelsey Gepp (RC Murray Bridge) – Studied law at Uni SA but is now moving into Vet nursing.  Worked part time at Sportspower in Murray Bridge.  Now lives in Adelaide.
2011 Sophie Parker/Jemma Hicks (RC Tailem Bend) – Jemma has a Degree in Junior Primary Teaching.  Sophie attended the University of Otago, not sure what she was studying.
2012-2013 – Ian Braunbauer (Long Term Austria) – Degree in Economics.  Currently studying Medicine in Vienna.  Would like to do some of her work experience in Australia.
2012 – Georgia Margonis (RC Unley) – Georgia’s mother, Trish Warner, was a long term exchange student to Argentina.  Georgia has graduated with a Degree in Paramedicine from University of Adelaide.
2012 – Renee Moxham (RC Waikerie) – Graduated in 2019 with a Degree in Early Childhood, specializing in Disabilities.  Did work experience in the Northern Territory.  Now working in Adelaide.
2012 – Maddie Ziegler (RC Waikerie) and James Tamblyn (RC Naracoorte).  Maddie completed her Certificates in Aged Care whilst completing High School.  She was national runner up Vocational Student of the Year in 2016?.  She has completed her Degree in Registered Nursing and is working at Alice Springs Hospital.  Living with James, who is a qualified Diesel Mechanic. 
2013 – Abigail Cliffe/Louise Tattersall (RC Murray Bridge)  - Abigail Graduated from the University of Adelaide in Drama (I think?), Currently working for Walt Disney World in Florida, although at the moment, she’s holidaying in New York! 
Louise – also became a Long Term Exchange student to France. Studied Travel and Tourism at Eastern Institute of Technology, Halifax NZ.  Currently living in Nova Scotia, Canada, working as a front desk receptionist for Family Vision Clinic – Doctors of Optometry.
2013 – Georga Weibrecht (RC Murray Bridge) – completed a traineeship at Coorong Council and has now been offered a permanent position in the Infrastructure and Assets Department.
2013 – Sarah Shepherd (RC Tailem Bend) – Worked in real estate and has just finished  working on her second Disneyworld Cruise ship to Canada and Alaska.
2010 Emma Gough (Invercargill, New Zealand) – Graduated from the University of Otago with a Degree in Law and was admitted to the New Zealand High Court 4 weeks ago.  In 2018 Emma was a beneficiary of a 6 month scholarship at the Pontifica Catholic University in Chile.  Currently working in Queentstown, but has just won a position in the New Zealand Government working on export law and international trade as a “Policy Analyst”.  She moves to Wellington in a couple of weeks.  In a random coincidence, last week Emma was on a “quiet” cruise in Doubtful Sound.  She happened to bump into our District Governor, Tim Klar.  They got talking about many things including Emma’s time living in Murray Bridge with Karen and Noel Kneebone, attending Murray Bridge High School and Rotary meetings at Murray Bridge and Tailem Bend.  Emma said that her exchange in South Australia helped shape her life and career.  DG Tim said that he would promote the RANZSE program at the Zone Conference that was held in Christchurch last weekend.  DG Tim put a photo of Emma and a post in his Facebook page.
2012 – Georgia Smith (RC Loxton) – Whilst I was in Christchurch, I took the opportunity to contact Georgia and her Mum, Pip.  Georgia graduated from the University of Auckland with a Degree in Paramedicine earlier this year, aged 21.  A few weeks ago she commenced work as an Intern Paramedic at the Timaru Ambulance Station, the youngest person ever to do so.  Georgia was amongst the first responders to the Christchurch Mosque shooting massacre. 
Many of our students are now world travellers.  Not all of our students had a “perfect” exchange period, but they learnt from their experiences and those experiences have helped shape their lives and careers.
The young people who have stepped out of their comfort zone at such a young age of 14 or 15 are risk-takers, prepared to try something different, that will teach them resilience, patience and tolerance.  We, as Rotarians, have the opportunity to have a hand in how they develop socially and philosophically, through our sponsorship, hosting and mentoring of the students.

RYLA Graduates

Thursday 26th September was the final D9520 RYLA Graduation Dinner before moving to the new District 9510.
The dinner was held at the Marche Club, Newton with co MC’s Damian Leach & Liz Gardner.
I was seated at table with a number of RYLA Alumni.
Current awardee Paris Holland along with alumni Mollie Thulborn, Dr Jesse Budell and Kaisha Wyld (2014).
For those who have not embraced the RYLA program I urge you to become involved.
Dr Jesse Budell, Paris Holland, Mollie Thulborn & Kaisha Wyld
Robin LeGallez

Guess Who's Coming to Lunch

Sunday 20th October is the date of our next Guess Who's Coming to Lunch.
Thanks to all who have offered to host and those who have indicated they will be lunch attendees.
Payment of $35 per person is required to be made by the attendees prior to the lunch. This can be made to the attendance officers over the next few weeks.
An email will be circulated to hosts and attendees shortly outlining finer details.
This project should result in a $960 profit for our Club.
Thanks everyone

Movie Night - Ride Like a Girl

World Mental Health Day is only 4 weeks away and that's when Australian Rotary Health will be celebrating Hat Day as part of its national Lift the Lid on Mental Illness fundraising campaign.

You can get involved with your friends, colleagues or Rotary Club this year by hosting a Hat Day on Thursday October 10 or anytime during Mental Health Month in October.

Your support will help the 1 in 5 Australians who suffer a mental illness every year. 100% of funds raised will go towards vital mental health research at universities across Australia.

Protocol Reminder

Just a couple of Protocol reminders -
If you are unable to attend a meeting please contact the Murray Bridge Golf Club before 1pm on 85311388.
If it is last minute please still contact the Golf Club and also contact either Gordon 85324563 or Gary 0418813474.
If your going to be away for any length of time please let either Gordon or Gary know plus Jenny Alexander-Walters.

Calendar Winners 17th September

1st  prize.   $100     No 279          Richard Elston                                                          (sold by  I. Elston )
2nd prize     $30      No. 502         Katherine Emes  (Mannum)                                   (Sold by G. Shultz) 
3rd  prize     $20      No  286         Nick Pearce    (Woods Point)                                  ( Sold by S. Foster) 



APOLOGIES 10th September

Brenton Lewis, Wayne Jackson, Michael Bagshaw, Heather Muirhead, Garry Wilson, Dave Mellen, Trevor Curtis,  Brenton Nicholson, Ron Lehmann, Jan Cowell, John Scarvelis, Darryl Webb, Christine Willersdorf, Jack Reddin, David Altmann, Rob Smyth, Ian Elston, Ron Jericho, Malcolm Blight.

Rotary Wine Sales

Following our successful wine labelling event, our Club is now able to offer the exceptional Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon for the unbelievably low investment of $120 per dozen.
To purchase simply pay in advance via EFTPOS or cash at a regular meeting and then arrange collection with Rotarian Ian Elston

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