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The Rotary Club of Murray Bridge meets at the Murray Bridge Golf Club
41 Ritter St, Murray Bridge on Tuesday evenings
With fellowship from 6.00pm and meeting starting at 6.15pm.
All guests and apologies must be confirmed with the Golf Club
by 1.00pm on the same day. 
Please call the Golf Club on 08 85311388

The Four-Way Test

 1.  Is it the TRUTH?
 2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?
 4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Upcoming Meetings
Feb 25, 2020 6:00 PM
Conoco Phillips/Robotics


Chairperson: Roxanne Rowland

Fellowship & Invocation: Jerry Wilson

Reserve: David Altmann

Mar 03, 2020 6:00 PM
Roger Wickes
Mar 10, 2020 6:00 PM
Murray Darling Basin Authority
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The STARCLUB field Officer Program is a partnership between SA Office for Rec & Sport and Regional Councils, Health Services and Community Organisations. A STARCLUB is a well run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside volunteers to help Clubs be the best they can be. The Murraylands Field Officer Marc Maddaford led the discussion at the Rotary Club of Murray Bridge Tuesday evening. Grant applications, providing good coaches and infrastructure development and the Voucher program for school students were some of the key issues discussed. Check them out on Facebook. Swimming Lessons, School Holiday Programs, Child Safety Programs, accreditation for grant applications. Its worth a look!

Halfway around the world in 36 days

On 2 June 2019, Lee Harman and Bill Ward set off from the Great Wall of China outside Beijing. Their destination, the Place Vendôme in Paris, lay 9,779 bumpy, muddy, dusty miles away. Their vehicle: a car built before either of them was born. This was Day 1 of the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge, also known as P2P, a classic car rally that re-creates a 1907 race famed as one of the first automobile endurance events.

Harman and Ward’s P2P story began at a 2016 Christmas party of Morgan Owners Group Northwest — a club for enthusiasts of classic cars made by England’s Morgan Motor Co. After a couple of fellow “Morganeers” discussed their own experience doing P2P, Harman and Ward were captivated. Harman, a longtime member of the Rotary Club of Arlington, Washington, suggested doing the rally to raise money for polio eradication. “I’m a physician, and I’ve been involved with PolioPlus since I was a brand-new Rotarian,” he says.

When they crossed the finish line in central Paris on 7 July, Harman and Ward had raised an estimated $50,000 for End Polio Now.

There was just one problem: “We didn’t have a car between us that was appropriate for that kind of exercise,” says Ward, a retired U.S. Army field artillery officer who worked for the Washington state government. After much searching, they found a beauty: a 1931 Ford Model A Victoria — which they dubbed “Miss Vicky” — that already had some of the safety upgrades necessary for their epic journey. But there was much more tinkering to come.

Over the next two years, Harman and Ward made 54 major modifications to Miss Vicky. “The car was pretty much totally rebuilt with new parts or new pieces, including auxiliary fuel tanks and fuel systems and on and on and on,” Harman says. The original suspension got extra attention and replacement parts.

To verify that Miss Vicky could handle traversing Asia and Europe, Harman and Ward took it for what Ward called a “shakedown cruise” — a nautical term for a performance test of a ship. In 2018, they drove from Washington state to Toronto for the Rotary International Convention. “We went all the way up Pikes Peak and back to prove the car was ready,” Harman says.

Car guys like Harman and Ward know what it takes to drive long distances. Harman’s road warrior mentality even applies to other modes of transportation: He has flown a plane from London to Brisbane, Australia, and ridden a motorcycle from Kyiv, Ukraine, to Italy. But P2P isn’t like other long-distance travel. In fact, it’s not even a race — it’s a rally. In this kind of competition, the goal each day is not to arrive first; it’s to arrive at a specific location at a precise time. If a car arrives before or after its designated time, the team loses points, and at the end, the team with the fewest deductions wins. “If you show up early, it means you were speeding, and you get deducted a lot of points,” Harman says. “If you show up on time, you get deducted no points. If you show up late, you get deducted points, but not as many as if you show up early. By the third week we had 4,000 demerits, but we were still fourth in our subgroup and 18th out of 31 in our group of vintage automobiles. We didn’t do badly for novices.”

Another difference between road-tripping and rallying is the role of the passenger. In a rally, the person in the passenger seat is in charge of more than music and snacks — he or she is the navigator, a vital role. Each P2P team is given a tour book with detailed instructions that are accurate to the hundredth of a kilometer. “To get from point A to point B, there might be 300 or 400 instructions per day,” Harman says.

“We never failed to get lost going into a city or coming out of a city, because in most places we couldn’t read the road signs and the instructions were very tight,” Ward says. “You’re doing 35 miles an hour in traffic on a four-lane street. If you’re supposed to be in the left lane to turn but you’re not, you’ve got to backtrack and come back around. Those kinds of things keep you pretty busy.”

Breakdowns are also inevitable when you push an antique automobile to its limits. Along the route — which ran from China through Mongolia, Siberian Russia, Kazakhstan, back into Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France — Harman and Ward had to make plenty of roadside repairs. There was a dramatic tire blowout, two ruptured hydraulic brake lines, a blown head gasket, a tailpipe that fell off. Outside Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the team was on a highway when it hit a speed bump at the bottom of a hill and caught air. “But it wasn’t the first speed bump that got us,” Harman says. “That speed bump launched us into a second speed bump. It was like skiing moguls. We came crashing down. The metal part of the Model A is attached to a wooden subframe, which we broke. The doors wouldn’t close until we got it fixed.”

But for all the rough roads, most of the accommodations were surprisingly high-end — organizers put up the teams in luxury hotels. “One of the most luxurious places we stayed was in Erenhot, China,” Harman says. “It was absolutely amazing.” In the middle of Mongolia, hundreds of miles from any large town, the P2P participants camped out. Yet even here, teams enjoyed catered meals and bottles of fine wine at their campsites.

That was also the country that the two friends found most captivating. “Mongolia has magnificent scenery,” Ward says. Harman agrees: “It’s best described as what Montana must have looked like 150 years ago — no fencing, desolate and beautiful, just gorgeous.”

After 36 days, Miss Vicky crossed the finish line in central Paris on 7 July. Harman and Ward had raised an estimated $50,000 for End Polio Now, and they had accomplished their two other goals: “One, arrive in Paris having driven the whole route by ourselves under our own power,” Harman says. “There were 106 entrants: 103 made it to Paris, 21 under their own power who had never been towed or had ignominiously ridden on the back of a flatbed truck. Vicky was one of the 21.”

The second goal? “Arrive in Paris still friends.”




Dear All at Rotary Club of Murray Bridge,

It’s 2020, and we are excited to welcome Anania into Standard 7 here at The School of St Jude. Please find attached Anania’s annual photo.

It’s always exciting starting a new academic year and we are sure that Anania is prepared to face the new challenges ahead; to excel in his studies with the help of our dedicated academic staff. We wish Anania and all our Standard 7 students all the best in their preparation to sit for the National Examination at the end of the year. As always, we look forward to keeping you up to date with his progress throughout the year.
Please also find attached an updated version of the Sponsorship handbook for your reference.

On behalf of Anania, and everybody here at St Jude’s, we want to wish you a wonderful 2020 and thank you very much for your ongoing support.
Kind regards,
Karen Del Rosario
Sponsor Relations
The School of St Jude


Rotary District 9520
Social media policy guidelines. January 2020.
Social media offers the opportunity for people to create, share and consume content connecting and engaging with others in the community, across the district and around the world.
The global popularity of social media has grown to the point where it is often a primary source of information and interaction.
Rotary embraces social media is an important tool to assist their public image as well as attracting potential members and community partners. Social media enables like-minded people and organisations to connect and create opportunities to serve.
Rotary also recognises the value of social media on a personal level enabling the sharing of information and ideas with family friends and communities.
With the rapid growth in the impact of social media, district 9520 recognises the need to provide policy guidelines. This ensures members understand the district expectations and standards when communicating about its services, people and program partners.
Under these guidelines social media includes any online tool, platform, website or digital publishing medium that allows individuals to interact, upload, share or engage online.
These tools include, but are not limited to
            Social networking sites-Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, LinkedIn.
            Video and photo sharing sites-Flickr, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo.
            Microblogging sites-Twitter, Tumbler.
            Blogs-corporate, personal or media hosted.
            Forums and discussion boards-Whirlpool, Yahoo! groups, Google groups.
            Information portals-Wikipedia, Answers.com.
            Review websites-Trip advisor, Yelp.
            Crowdfunding websites-GoFundMe, Kick Starter, MyCause.
These guidelines recommend that Rotary clubs research which platforms best suit their needs, the capability of their members and how best to utilise them for their objectives.
Applications of the guidelines.
These guidelines are intended for all clubs and Rotarians in district 9520.
Clubs are encouraged to apply these guidelines to ensure that they are circulated them understood by their members.
Clubs may wish to develop these guidelines further as being relevant to specific club activities or to address concerns raised by members.
Club develop guidelines should be circulated to all club members.
As Rotarians, we always hold ourselves accountable to a high standard of conduct and we must be mindful of this even in new and unfamiliar forums. Clubs are expected to maintain the same core principles and values as they would do in any off-line social interaction...
If you become aware of any social media interaction that is detrimental to Rotary, regardless of whether it is your club social media site or others, do not respond but make your Pres aware of the incident who may wish to seek district guidance to develop a plan to address the matter accordingly.
Social media guidelines.
The three pillars of social media engagement to protect the interest of Rotary and members are
         Consider you are Rotarian 24 hours a day your conduct must always reflect the values upheld by Rotary.
You are required to.
            Identify yourself as a Rotary member if commenting on a matter linked to Rotary
            Ensure you do not imply any way that you are authorised to speak on Rotary’s behalf unless authorised to do so.
            Ensure you do not knowingly use the identity of another Rotary member.
            Be mindful during your media engagements of the importance of not damaging Rotary's reputation and interests or bring Rotary into disrepute.
            You are personally responsible for the content of your online activity. In this context, you have a responsibility to ensure.
            Any information about Rotary provided is informed and factually accurate.
            If you wish to express your own opinion, please ensure you state that they are your personal opinions.
            If you're offering your perspective on a matter related to Rotary, ensure that your commentary and opinion does not cause or have the potential to cause, damage to Rotary, its interests or its official opinion.
You are required to
            Use a simple disclaimer to ensure that the views are your own and not those of Rotary D9520 or Rotary International.
            Ensure you do not post material that is obscene, threatening, hateful, defamatory or discriminatory to any other person or entity including Rotary, its members' volunteers and partner organisations.
            Think before you post and carefully consider the text and images from the perspective of those who may see them and react to them.
            Be wary of student photographs and ensure they comply with the relevant privacy provisions and Rotary youth protection policies, as well is required school parent permission is.
You are required to be
         Respectful of the district, its clubs and members in everything you post online.
         Be respectful of other individuals and communities you interact with online.
         Be polite and respectful of other opinions and we counsel against engaging in heated discussion or debate on social media
         Adhere to the terms and conditions of the social media channel you are using and conform to cultural and behavioural norms.
         Respect copyright privacy and other applicable laws.
The four way test.
Keep the  four way test in mind when engaging on any social media or other online activity. Inherent values of the code have stood the test of time in an era long before the advent of computers. At the press.
The Law.
Over and above these guidelines, there are national and state laws and regulations that apply to online activity. These include but are not limited to.
Commonwealth of Australia.
Broadcasting services act 1992.
Copyright act 1968.
Crimes act 1914.
Privacy act 1988.
Criminal code act 1995.
Spam act 2003.
Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales vary in their Data Protection, Equal Opportunity, Defamation, Electronics Transactions and Consumer and Business Laws. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the relevant State and Commonwealth laws while online.
You must keep in mind that your online activities must remain within the law. It is recommended you do your research or consult your electronic Information Systems committee if you are in any doubt.
Misuse and legal consequences.
Some considerations with a legal consequence are noted below.
Misuse of social media may involve.
            A breach of Rotary obligations.
            Sexual harassment.
            Unlawful discrimination.
Infringement of the privacy of Rotarians.
Exposure to legal liability.
A criminal offence*.
*This will be regarded as a serious matter and appropriate action may be taken where there is a reasonable belief illegal activity has occurred. The district Gov may report suspected illegal activity to the police.
Offences and criminal charges.
State and Commonwealth legislation creates criminal offences for the misuse of social media and such offences include.
Menace harass or offend.
It is a criminal offence under the criminal code act of 1995 to use a carrier service to members, harass or cause offence.
If a person publishes information that identifies a person in the published content lowers the person standing, brings that person into hatred ridicule or contempt or causes others to shun that person the publisher may find themselves personally defending an action of defamation.
Copyright is a legal protection of literary dramatic artistic and musical works and performances. It provides creators with legal right to control the use of their creations. Publishing such works without permission from the creator may mantle breached the Copyright act 1968.
If you have any concerns or questions about the above information please contact the District Governor, the district protection and compliance officer or the district public image chair.
Social media is a powerful tool for the promotion and development of Rotary goals. We encourage all Rotarians to get actively engaged and participate in this flexible and engaging medium.





HAVE you registered?
HAVE you booked your accommodation?
Sandor Motel, Mildura  0499 901 382
HAVE you advised Trevor 0408 813 250 or
Phil 0417 827 848
DON'T miss out!

Calendar Winners 11th February

1st    $100           044        Linda Baker  (Callington)                Sold by Strath. Darts Club 
2nd    $30            340        Gina De Fazio  (Mt. Barker)                    sold by  S. Campbell
3rd      $ 20           796       Simon True  (Mc laren Flat)                       sold by Strath. woodshed

Rotary Wine Sales

The latest wine has now been labelled and is selling fast!
Our Club is able to offer the exceptional Lake Breeze 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon for the unbelievably low investment of $120 per dozen.
To purchase simply pay in advance via EFTPOS or cash at a regular meeting and then arrange collection with Rotarian Ian Elston

Protocol Reminder

Just a couple of Protocol reminders -
If you are unable to attend a meeting please contact the Murray Bridge Golf Club before 1pm on 85311388.
If it is last minute please still contact the Golf Club and also contact either Gordon 85324563 or Gary 0418813474.
If your going to be away for any length of time please let either Gordon or Gary know plus Jenny Alexander-Walters.

  What's happening on our Facebook page
John Scarvelis has been posting up a storm with some great content.
Follow the link below to see more...

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PETS Seminar
Mar 14, 2020
PETS + Specialty Training
Mar 15, 2020
District 9520 Conference
Mar 27, 2020 - Mar 29, 2020
Rotary Art Show
Murray Bridge Regional Gallery
May 01, 2020 6:00 PM –
May 17, 2020 4:00 PM
District Assembly
May 03, 2020
Murray Bridge Changeover Dinner 2020
Jun 27, 2020 6:00 PM
No Rotary meeting tonight
Jun 30, 2020 6:00 PM
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