Jun 16, 2020 7:00 PM
Adrian Roach
Rotary projects in Papua NG (RAWCS)


Chairperson: Jenny Phillips

Fellowship & Invocation: 


Adrian Roach

Rotary International District Governor 9670, 2015-2016

Adrian is currently RC (Rotary Coordinator) for Region 8, ‘Supporting and Strengthening Rotary Clubs in Australia, NZ and PI’ .Adrian is also the Rotary Australia World Community Service Eastern Region Vice Chairman after serving the previous 3 years a Chairman. He is actively involved with several projects in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea including the Paul Tunn Memorial Dental project which has a $200K foundation Grant.

Adrian’s commitment to service above self is also evident in his involvement with the Rural Fire Service and having been a Justice of the Peace since he was 18. Adrian is a kidney donor to his sister in February 2000.

Adrian has been the recipient of multiple Paul Harris Fellowships and he is a member of the Bequest Society & Paul Harris Society.

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