Vocational Service

The underlying premises for Vocational Service is to:

  • Encourage high ethical standards in business and professions.
  • Recognise the worth of useful occupations.
  • Celebrate the opportunities that Rotarians have to serve society through their occupations.


Here are a few avenues considered to be part of our Vocational Service program.
Some of these are already part of the Murray Bridge programme.

  • Speakers on topics from the business world.
  • Visiting workplaces..
  • Technical seminars.
  • Pride of Workmanship Award.
  • Careers Expo.
  • Job interview.
  • Police Officer of the Year Award.
  • Guest speakers on industrial relations.
  • Men's Shed.
  • Young Achievers Australia.
  • Pride in business awards

There are over 30,000 Rotarians in Australia and their ethical behaviours can impact on the population at large.

  • Honesty needs to be done and seen to be done.
  • Courtesy is a recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations.
  • Justice is about being treated fairly and respectfully.
  • Understanding in a multicultural population such as in Australia is at the core of living in harmony